Tuesday, 3 July 2018

After a long hiatus, in the works from Blind Dog Press:

Michael Estabrook -- Selected Poems (late 2018). I have been a big fan of Estabrook's for many, many years. So proud to collect all his best work in one juicy volume.

Sleeping Together -- Harry Crosby (early 2019). This book has been out of print for 60 years. Not exactly sure of the copyright status, but it's not through lack of trying. One way or the other I will be bringing this superb collection of prose poems back into print. They can sue me for the $2 I have in the bank.

and very soon:

From the back cover: "Lana Del Rey was recently described by legendary rock critic Greil Marcus as “the most interesting artist working today, with the possible exception of Bob Dylan.” In this varied collection of poems, Cooper explores the many public (and private) personas of Lana Del Rey, as viewed through the unique prism of his own life."
I am so proud of this book. The 60 or so poems were written in an eight week frenzy between early May and late June. I believe they represent some of my best work.
Sample poem:
I will make the book available on here within a few days.


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